About Us

In December 2020, whilst completing my final year of my degree in Education, I realised I did not want to go into the Education field. I gifted my Mum a print I had designed for Christmas, to which she suggested I start to sell them. My Nana had given me £100 for Christmas that year, so I went and purchased a basic printer and some card. That was when Abbie Rose Prints was established.

I now design, produce and supply personalised gifts to people all over the world. When purchasing from Abbie Rose Prints, customers receive a beautiful, handmade product that is unique to them or the person they are purchasing the gift for. Every order is made and packaged with meticulous care. In the time I have been in business, which is 3 years this December, over 23,000 people in over 50 countries have purchased from my Etsy store. In January 2024, a move to a website was much needed and I cannot wait to grow my business even further.


                                                    Abbie - Owner